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The Essentials of Sump Pumps

Incorrect terminology puts a real estate agent or homeowner at high risk. When putting a home up for sale there are many details that are disclosed,

Sewer Backup

Old houses can have underground sewer problems. Recently, wise home inspectors and real estate agents have begun recommending that, in older homes, u

Knock Knock…What’s Leaking?

My plumbing pipes bang since I installed a new front loading washing machine. Many people who have installed similar machines have the same questio

My Furnace Is Leaking!

My laundry floor is soaked but I can’t find a pipe leak anywhere!  I don’t believe you have a pipe leak. I think you’ll find that the water

Not So Common Sense…Look Before You Sit!!

Old houses have many quirks and memories. Growing up, I’m sure you can remember many stories about some old dirty, damp, and dingy basement. A vacat