Wet Where and Wet When

What Makes My Window Panes Wet? Problem:  The window is wet on the room side of the glass for a few weeks in fall. Solution:   Moisture has accumulated, over […]

There’s a Mouse in the House

Mice are colonizers…so it is very unlikely that you have only one mouse! If you give a lonely mouse the opportunity, through breeding, you will very soon have 100 mice. […]

The Essentials of Sump Pumps

Incorrect terminology puts a real estate agent or homeowner at high risk. When putting a home up for sale there are many details that are disclosed, sometimes, in a mandated […]

3 Fire Proof Bypasses

Fire barriers are often compromised and the homeowner never knows it. Home fire barriers have been a part of the building code since about 1960.  Homes built prior to that […]

Sewer Backup

Old houses can have underground sewer problems. Recently, wise home inspectors and real estate agents have begun recommending that, in older homes, underground sewer pipes be videoed.  Most of these […]

Aluminum Wiring = Trouble

Because of the high cost of copper, electricians began using aluminum wiring between 1968 and 1974. Determining that a house is wired with aluminum is not as easy as it […]

Is That Room Legal?

Homeowners, realtors and home inspectors can have different views as to what constitutes a habitable room. Why does this matter? Because a converted room, such as a porch, basement, or […]

Let’s Look Closer At Deck Failure!

There are just two basic reasons for decks failing. The first is overloading and the second is improper construction. Overloading: deck failure usually happens unexpectedly. We have been using the […]

Wood Deck Failures

What happened to pressure treated deck lumber? Pressure treatment is a process that forces chemical preservatives into the wood. The wood is placed in a closed cylinder and pressure is […]

Decks Can Be Dangerous

Deck failures are becoming more common. Why do decks fail? The most common reasons are: Old age Poor design Improper materials Overloading Decks should be inspected annually. All lumber should […]